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After you have filled out our car movers quote form, auto transport brokers will typically contact you via email or telephone, it simply depends on the companys' preference. When they do contact you, they will give you a quote which you can use to compare their price to the prices of other vehicle mover brokers. All of our car shippers from which you willAuto Transport Receptionist receive quotes are fully insured and have great standings with the Better Business Bureau, so you can be reassured that the quotes you will be receiving from us will be from the best of the best auto transporters around.

Once you have received all of your car shipper quotes, some brokers may contact you again, or they may wait for you to call them and follow up on your quote, once again it just depends on the company. Due to the fact that you do not know if they are going to follow up with you, it is best to simply do some research on all of the auto transport companies that you receive quotes from and then follow up with the ones you find to be the most compatible with your needs. Our auto transport resouces page can help direct you to where you should look for information on different car shipping brokers. If you have questions on anything about the companies that can not be answered on our site or theirs, we suggest that you call them; they too have friendly customer service that would be happy to answer all of your questions that you have about their company.

After you have chosen an auto mover and they have a truck on the way to your choice destination, the truck driver himself will contact you about 24 hours before they arrive to pick up your vehicle. This is so that they can go over all of the details with you, work out any last problems, and answer any remaining questions you may have. When they actually arrive at your designated pick-up area, the truck driver will look over your car with you to search for any damage on your vehicle so they they can record it on the Bill of Landing. You will be given a copy of this Bill of Lading, as will the truck driver, and it will also be present at the destination so that you can reinspect the car once it has been shipped. If your car does get damaged, which is extremely unlikely with our auto transport companies, you can find out what you should do in the auto shipping damage page.