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Shipping a recreational vehicle can seem like a daunting and somewhat ironic task. However, there are times it needs to be done whether you are moving, selling, or simply need to take it to a specialized repair shop that may be too far out of the way for you to deliver. In any case, Ship Coast to Coast is here to help you find the most reliable and affordable RV Shipping Company.  We are affiliated with the industries best recreational vehicle shipping companies all of which are fully insured and have great standings with the Better Business Bureau. By simply filling out our online RV transport quote form, you will receive up to 10 free quotes from dependable RV movers. RV Transport

Why use an RV shipping company? Trying to ship an RV on your own is a daunting task why not let the professionals handle the process for you. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that the RV movers you have to choose from all are licensed and fully insured, taking the risk and worry out of the process.

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How to prepare your RV for transport:

  • Remove all of your cargo- You should remove all items from the RV, most of the time contents aren't covered and loose cargo can cause damage to the interior of your vehicle.
  • Make Sure Everything is secure- This includes; cabinets, doors, windows, latches are all secured, taped, or tied down to prevent damage.
  • Remove all hazardous or flammable material- (propane tanks, gas tanks, oil tanks, ammunition, or any other potentially dangerous items)
  • Turn off any electronics
  • Disconnect the gas
  • Turn off the power supply to your RV
  • Check the pertinent parts to your RV- (breaks, spare tires, steering, etc because if something malfunctions the RV transporter's insurance will not cover it and you may be charged extra if they have to stop and work on your RV during the shipping. Tell the RV transporter about any quirks or irregularities that can be found in your RV so that they are aware about them and can adjust the trip accordingly.
  • To make sure that you are not forgetting anything, you may want to hire someone to check your RV before it is shipped or if you have specific questions you should ask the driver. Or, at least, visit our car shipping checklist page.

RV TransportWhat else is there to know about RV transport? Most drivers will call you 10 to 24 hours before pick-up and drop off in order to get all the details of the trip clarified. When the driver arrives, you and the driver will inspect the RV for any damage, just as you will when they drop it off.  Something else that is probably important to you, as the customer, is how much the transportation of your RV is going to cost. This varies greatly from vehicle transport company to vehicle transport company, but it also depends on the type of RV you are trying to ship, and how big your RV is. However, if you fill out our RV shipping quote form you will receive up to 10 free quotes then compare prices and research their reliability.

Just remember that when you use Ship Coast to Coast, you will be linked with some of the top recreation vehicle transporters in the nation, who will treat your RV as if it was their own. If you want to learn more about shipping your recreational vehicle you may want to visit our First Time Shipping page or our FAQ page to find even more information on what to expect when you transport your RV.