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To begin the auto transport process, you must first go to one of our vehicle mover quote forms, such as the one found at our auto movers page, and fill out the car shipping quote form in its entirety. When you send the auto transport quote form, it will link you to up to 10 of the top auto transport brokers in the nation, all of which will be licensed, fully bonded and be in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. These car transport companies will get back to you shortly through e-mail and/or telephone. From here, you can select the finest car shipment broker that best fits your budget, safety standards, and equipment needs. (We recommend doing some research on the auto transport brokers to help you make this decision). There are many different services that you have to choose from. One of the options you will have is choosing an enclosed auto transport carrier vs. an open auto transport carrier. To learn more about these features and others, you may also want to view our motorcycle transport page, our classic car page, or our enclosed vehicle shipper page.

After you have chosen a car shipping broker that is right for you, you should visit our car shipping checklist and go through each step to prepare your vehicle for its cozy ride. Once you have completed every item in this list, the next step is when the vehicle mover actually comes to pick up your car. Next your auto will be transported and finally delivered safely back to you. Just remember, finding a good auto shipper can be a difficult process but, we will get you started with 10 free vehicle transport quotes that you can use to compare and further research before you make your decision, allowing you to have peace of mind when you finally do ship your auto.