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Yes, absolutely! You can ship your car even it it is not operational, just make sure that when you fill out our car transport quote form that you designate that your car is "not running". This way we can assign a carrier to your car shipment that specializes in non-operational vehicle shipping.

Broken Down VehicleSince your car can not be driven onto the auto shipping carrier, the car shippers will have to use other means ofgetting your car onto the carrier. The means of getting your vehicle on the auto transporter will vary, depending on if you choose to ship your car with an open auto transport carrier or an enclosed auto transport carrier. If the car is being moved on an open carrier then, the auto transporter will use winches to get your car up on the car transporter. So how exactly do winches work? Winches can either be manual or hand cranked and they pulll your car up by keeping constant tension on the rope or chain that will be attatched to your vehicle. 

However, if you are going to move your auto in an enclosed car transport carrier, then the auto transporter is likely to put your car on a lift gate. Liftgates make it so that your car stays flat at all times while being loaded onto the car shipping carrier, allowing cars with as little as three inches of clearance to be effectively put into the carrier without doing damage to the undercarriage of the car. (To learn more about the enclosed vehicle shipping please visit our enclosed auto transport page.)

Although there are ways for the car movers to be able to load your car, even if it doesn't run, you do need to make sure that your car still has the capability to turn and rotate its wheels along with having brakes that are intact and work efficiently. Furthermore, be aware that you will probably be charged more for the extra labor and use of special equipment that shipping a non-operational vehicle will require. Typical additional charges can range anywhere from $100 - $200 or more for unoperational vehicle shipping.