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When shipping your motorcycle we know you only want the best, most reliable motorcycle transporter there is, after all this baby is your pride and joy. This may lead you to wonder, how is Ship Coast to Coast different from other companies and what do they have to offer?  At we have a simple motorcycle shipping quote form that, when you fill it out, we send you up to 10 free motorcycle transport quotes from motorcycle shipping companies that are fully insured and have great standings with the Better Business Bureau. This gives you the capability to choose from the best of the best and review numerous companies by comparing their prices and safety ratings before making your final decision on your bike transport company. After all, you want the best for our bike and who knows your chopper and its needs better than you?

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Motorcycle Transporter

What kind of special features are available that will work to keep your prized possession as safe as it can be?

  • Enclosed Carrier- One of the advantages to using an enclosed carrier is that it will make sure that your bike is protected from the road and weather, giving it less of a chance to be damaged along the way. If you decide to go down this route, make sure to communicate that this is the type of carrier that you desire when you are talking to the motorcycle shipping company that you choose. (For more information on enclosed carriers please visit our enclosed vehicle shipping carrier page.)
  • Open Carrier- If instead you decide to opt for an open air carrier, you may want to explore the idea of getting a cover for your motorcycle, although some companies will offer a cover to you free of charge. (To learn more about open carriers please visit our automobile shipping page.)
  • Lift Gates- Some bike moving companies may offer trucks that are equipped with lift gates, meaning your bike will never have to be put up on skids or be tilted to get it into the motorcycle transport carrier. 
  • Online Tracking- If you can't seem to find that peace of mind that you desire during the actual transportation of you motorcycle, many of our motorcycle shipping companies can offer you online tracking which will let you be with your motorcycle every step of the way.

Motorcycle ShippingWhat can you do to prepare your motorcycle for its delicate journey?

  • Get as much gas out of the tank as possible- This is not only for the safety of your motorcycle, but it is also because of weight regulations that the truck driver and therefore you have to follow.
  • Empty all compartments and saddlebags- Not only do most motorcycle shipping companies not carry cargo insurance, but this could also throw off their weight regulations. You do not want this to happen because it could cause delays in the shipment of your motorcycle and you could incur extra charges.
  • Check the motorcycle shipping company's regulations- Depending on the motorcycle transport company, you may not have to either disconnect your battery or empty the gas, so please communicate with the driver before you ship your motorcycle.
  • Be aware that some pick-up and delivery points can not be reached by the motorcycle transporters- If this is the case, they may have to ask you to meet them at a location close to your original place or at a nearby terminal. This is not only for the safety of their truck, but for the safety of your bike as well.
  • The truck drivers will contact you- If there is going to be difficulties reaching either your pick-up or destination point, to see more information on this, please visit our FAQ page.

Just remember that when you use, you will be linked with some of the top motorcycle transporters in the nation, and will treat your motorcycle as if it was their own, allowing you piece of mind during your chopper's comfy ride. If you want to learn more about shipping your motorcycle you may want to visit our Car Shipping Checklist, FAQ page,  or our Enclosed Carrier Quote page to find even more information on how you can prepare your bike for its trip.