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Enclosed Auto Transport

At we only offer the best, most reliable car shippers in the industry. In turn, these professional auto transporters can meet all of your needs, including Enclosed Vehicle Transport. Typically, enclosed shipping is recommended for exotic cars, classic cars, motorcycles, luxurious cars, collector cars, show cars, racing cars, boats, and low riding cars; however, you can also choose enclosed car shipping if you just want the greatest safety for your car. Already decided that enclosed car vehicle shipping is the best option for you? Then all you need to do is fill out our enclosed auto transport quote form to receive your 10 free car shipping quotes.

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Auto Transport Liftgate

Why should you choose enclosed car shipping instead of an open carrier transport? Enclosed car shipping allows for your car to be shielded from the weather, road debris, dust, grime, and other elements of the road. This means that your car is far more apt to reach its destination in pristine condition without any harm done to your vehicle. However, when car transport companies say that they provide enclosed auto transport, you may want to make sure that they mean fully enclosed because, sometimes, this may mean that the car transporter is partially enclosed or only enclosed by canvas, not giving your car the safety you are expecting. The peace of mind you get knowing that your car will be safe from the environment is not the only benefit of enclosed shipping but it might be the most important.

Gidgets and gadgets that the auto mover will use to provide the safest environment for you car transport:
Enclosed Car Shipping Nylon wheel tie downs and soft cloth wraps- This are used in place of chains and straps to decrease the probability of your car receiving scratches or scrapes along the way, something that all car owners want to avoid.
Power lift gate- The primary reason car shippers will use a liftgate is, to keep the vehicle parallel to the loading surface at all times, protecting the undercarriage of the car. This is an essential tool for people who have low clearance cars because it allows for them to load a car that, not only does the lift gate ensure that your car will have a smooth adjustment from the ground to the truck, but it also means minimal handling of your car, allowing less of a chance of anything harming your precious auto.
Over-sized ramp gates - These are used for longer vehicles, such as limousines, giving the transporter the ability to lift the vehicle onto the auto transport shipper in with the same amount of safety that others vehicles have.
Air ride suspension- This is used to absorb the roughness of the road and will keep your car from being bounced around during transport.

Choosing to use enclosed car shipping means you desire the best care for your vehicle. Almost all of our auto mover companies will have online tracking systems or cell phone devices set up so that you can track your vehicle every step of the way. To find the best secure vehicle transport companies, please go fill out our enclosed auto transport quote form or, for more information on auto transport, visit our FAQ page and First Time Shipping Page.