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When you ship your vehicle it is 100% Fully Insured by the Trucking Company that is delivering your car.autotransportinsurance

Carriers are required by law to have insurance to cover the items they are transporting.  After you place an order to ship your car, remember to ask the auto transport broker for a copy of the carrier's insurance, so you can personally confirm that the driver is insured. 

Finally, always make sure before you ship your vehicle or sign contracts that you know exactly what the details of the carrier insurance are.

What to ask about:

  • Ask to see the car shipper's insurance certificate, when you meet them at your designated pick-up area so that you have prior proof of their legitimacy. 
  • Ask if your car will be insured during vehicle transport
  • Ask if you will have to pay a deductible on the car shipping tucking companies' insurance

Good to Know:

  • Your insurance will never cover any cargo that you may have in your car. This means that you need to remove all items before you ship your car so that they do not do any damage to your vehicle that will not be covered by the vehicle transport trucking company. Moreover, leaving items in your car can make trucks go over their weight limit which, if this happens, will cause delays and you may also end up getting extra fees added to your bill. 
  • Any damage that was previously done to your car will be recorded on the bill of lading upon pick-up and the amount of damage your car has will also be check once it has been shipped and has arrived at its destination. When you go to pick-up your car, make sure that any damage that may have happened to your vehicle along the way is recorded because, if it is not, then you will not have proof that the damage was done by the truck driver and will, therefore, have to pay for it yourself.
  • Any damage that may be done to your car, which rarely happens with our vehicle movers, will be immediately recorded at delivery on the bill of lading, and then the driver will file a claim with their insurance.  Within 24-48hrs., you will be contacted by their insurance, and on your way to getting any car damage resolved.

All of our auto transport brokers are fully insured so you will know that you vehicle is covered no matter which one of our car shippers you end up choosing. To get up to 10 free auto transport quotes from one of our 100%, fully insured car vehicle movers, please check out our vehicle shipping quote form today!