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How to Move Your Car

Our simple three step quote form will give you 10 free instant quotes from the countries top auto transport brokers. Our auto transport brokers will connect you to the most professional and affordable car shipping companies in the nation. Our network of reliable auto shipping companies are fully licensed, bonded, and insured to protect your investment to give you peace of mind when you ship your car.

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Why Use an Auto Transport Broker?

Auto transport brokers are the people that do all of the legwork needed to make your vehicle transport happen.  It's very difficult to find the carriers that are looking for cars to move and cover the route you need, this is where the brokers come in.  They will search the available carriers and find the right fit for you.  Once the brokers have found the right carrier they contract with them and arrange to have your vehicle picked up.  This is a tried and true method of getting your vehicle transported in a timely and affordable manner.  If you confused by the process or just want addational information about auto transport brokers and what they do check out our page on What to Expect from Auto Transport Brokers.  If your not sure what the difference is between auto transport brokers and carriers check out or page on Brokers VS Carriers.